Yearly Program Helps People With MS Beat the Heat

MSF's annual Cooling Program now accepting applications

With the recent snowstorms that swept much of the U.S. fresh in mind, few people are thinking about getting cool. But for those who suffer heat intolerance due to multiple sclerosis, it’s time to plan ahead for spring and summer! The MSF Cooling Program provides special cooling garments to help those with MS handle this troubling symptom of their disease.

For most people, heat and MS don’t mix. As body temperature rises, weakness, fatigue, visual disturbances, and other symptoms can become aggravated and temporarily worsen. Without help, the hot summer months can trap those with MS indoors, keeping them from countless activities associated with the season, like gardening, fishing, family outings, barbeques, and baseball games, but also making simple everyday needs, like going to work or grocery shopping, a challenge. So the MSF provides the necessary help to qualifying people through the Cooling Program.

This program provides cooling vests and cooling accessories to help individuals manage heat intolerance. For one recipient, Ronn Rettman, of Westland, Mich., the Cooling program made a big difference: “I don’t pass out anymore from the heat!” Rettman received a cooling jacket, vest, and handkerchief in June of 2015. The cooling gear he received had another important practical benefit for him, he said. “It helped me with shopping.”

Applicants must be residents of the United States and document their diagnosis of MS. All applications are confidential and considered on a case-by-case basis. To apply, those in need can call 1-888-MSFOCUS (1-888-673-6287) or visit and click on Programs & Activities.

Applications are accepted from Feb. 1 to June 1 of each year. Limited funding is available so individuals in need are encouraged to apply early.

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